Essays on Knowing God’s Love

When Christians think of the parable of the Treasure in a Field, we normally think of it as an inspiring story (look at all we get for such a small price) or as a call to give up more. But this parable expresses something deep and rich, it shows us a picture of Christ that can change our heart.

Read this: The Treasure in a Field

I wonder, sometimes, how mixed up we can be when we think of what we need. We usually feel we need answers, or reprieve (or romance or success!); but I believe we most deeply need friendship.

Read this:  Friendship

Repentance powers the process through which we restore relationships. And repentance in our relationship with God is important. But God has been teaching me about the confession before empowering repentance. God has been teaching me the value of pausing in the moment of confession.

Read this: Confession before Repentance: Pausing in the moment

After confession, we need repentance; and yet true, deep, lasting repentance seems elusive. We feel badly for a time, but our heart hasn’t changed. What do we need deep in our heart to bring deep life-giving change? God has been teaching me the riches of life change.

Read this: Repentance after Confession

How do we handle the wounds and troubles of our lives? Is there a hope we can own which transforms our lives and gives us inner strength to face the day? In this essay we can come to know a truth which can make the feeblest strong:

Read this: Judo Wounds and Glory

The world is filled with horrible, unspeakable injustice. And all of us, at one time or another, have been treated unfairly. How do we deal with the injustice of the world and with the bitterness we experience from personal injuries:

Read this: Our Heart Cry for Justice


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