Risk 1: The Inescapable Nature of Risk

Risk is an inevitable element of life. We are daily bombarded by the need to make decisions, and many of these decisions involve risk. A few of us are huge risk takers but most of us prefer safety.

We avoid risk by making safe decisions. Or do we? Might the very nature of safe decisions create a greater risk than we ever imagined?

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8 Responses to Risk 1: The Inescapable Nature of Risk

  1. christine says:

    I just read something similar by Henri Nouen on fatalism and it’s potential effects. thank you sam! seems like this is what God has been telling me these days.

  2. sgwill says:

    Great post, Dad. Along with that, I love your phrase, “What’s the worst that can happen?” Usually, when you think it through, the fear of the risk is worse than the risk itself.

    • It’s great to receive a comment from my son! And yes, I do love that phrase, “What’s the worst that can happen?!?!”

      Usually the biggest risk we make is when we fear to take any risk.

      Sam (Dad)

  3. Peter S. Williamson says:

    Nice, Sam! Very thought-provoking.

  4. Lou says:

    Nice topic Sam. This dovetails nicely with the It’s Your Call book and the challenges that presents. God has been working on me in the area of this topic for several weeks now and has made some very good, life-deepening changes.

    I think the whole thing centers around fear. And we know we are not given a spirit of timidity. And we are told what we should fear, and usually they are not the things we fear the most.

    • Your comment about fear is absolutely correct. So much of the time we are driven by fear, so we take the “safe” route. This blog is pointing out that the “safe” route isn’t any safer.

      So we need to go to Christ, because “perfect loves casts out fear.”

      Remember the parable of the talents? The servant who hid the talent in the hole did so because he thought the master was “a hard man.” He didn’t trust in the LOVE of the master, just the “hardness” … and so he acted out of fear. And Jesus called him a “wicked” servant…because he didn’t trust in the love of the Master.

      Yikes!!!!! Let me know Christ’s love!


  5. Lyle Regan says:

    Risk! There is so much built into that word. So much so that I suspect many of us do not fully understand the consequences of the “risk or no risk” syndrom.
    As you have elluded to Sam, when we make the decision to “Not risk”, or “never again”, , even for our betterment, we have just made an agreement with the evil one, an agreement that has “locked us down”. That will keep us from allowing Gods design in us to come forth. For those of US that have been there, done that,. I say help others to pull out of that mindset, be who God has declared you to be. Great video Sam. lyle

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