These Inward Trials

Christ claimed that he came to set prisoners free, and we believe that we are indeed free. And yet, we live so much of our lives as though we are still captives. When difficulties or temptations arise—as they so often do—we feel trapped or confused, and frustrated.

Yesterday, God spoke to me of hope and joy in the middle of trials. This is what he said.

Video Length: 3 minutes and 16 seconds


6 Responses to These Inward Trials

  1. rick says:

    sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet helpful…so helpful.
    Just Him…
    Thanks again for your gift to us man.

  2. Brooks Carlson says:

    Nice word. God is great indeed!

  3. Awesome blog Sam. I needed to hear that as I muddle through decisions in my life now. We need to catch up. Love you!

  4. Lyle Regan says:

    Hi Sam, Thanks for including me in your e-mails. How true it is,.. set a man free, yet he (I) often live like I am still a captive. How easy it is to receive and process the “data” of the scriptures,. not so easy to let it soak my soul and live as a child of the King. As I learn to walk with God, your words inspire me. Note, what is listed as my website on this form is actually a blog that I write in about once a month. This blog is a snapshot of what God is doing in my personal life. Keep at it, “Live like there is no tomorrow”. Lyle

  5. John says:

    Hey, good to see a post from you. As you often do, you really spoke into my current life.

    I’m going through some unpleasant trials right now and have really sought comfort in the Lord. Your post helped me understand why God let me get as far into trouble as I did. I pretty much made my own problems, but then He was there for me when I finally swallowed my pride and cried out for help.

    Be blessed!

  6. Mark says:

    Sam – Thanks for the BLOG. It’s a great reminder that as we long for freedom, the path to freedom will be one that dismantles us from our attachment to whatever will inhibit our freedom.

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