Finding our Calling, and the Desires God puts in our hearts

All humans—believers and non believers— possess a deep desire in our hearts for a unique purpose. We want to know what we are to do. We sense a significant purpose yet we don’t know what it is or how to uncover it.

As we become believers, we know we are called to be children of God. And yet we also still sense that God has a unique plan and purpose for our lives. There is something that we and we alone are meant to bring to his creation.

God too wants to reveal his Call to us. Listen to the story of one man who found part of God’s special call for him.

Video Length: 3 minutes and 50 seconds

If you want to learn more how to find your call, I suggest you read Gary Barkalow’s book, It’s Your call, or you consider attending a Calling retreat.


5 Responses to Finding our Calling, and the Desires God puts in our hearts

  1. Pete says:

    Loved the story Sam, it really stirred my heart.

  2. rick says:

    another great story….also as Gary teaches….often our passion comes out of our suffering. this man suffered with no father after 5 yrs old….now look…
    thanks Samuel.

  3. […] Let’s not take the metaphor too far. God is always speaking and always orchestrating. So the “training wheels” never really come off. But he also uses these “directions” to create a third direction, found—or heard—in the direction of desires he places in our hearts. […]

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