Growing in a heart-sense of His love

Over the past several months, Christ has been giving me a deep heart-sense of His love.

This heart-sense of His love is revolutionizing my life, my hopes, my dreams, and my service.

Okay, I’m not in seventh heaven—not even sixth heaven!—and I know there is a long journey ahead; but there is a confidence and assurance, and strength, in my heart of His love. And it is thrilling. I’m still the Sam I was yesterday, yet somehow, something has happened; and I’m different.

My blog this week is an MP3 of a talk I gave in November 2010.

Yes, it is a lot to listen to. It is 30 minutes, but I think it can help us sense the love of God on our hearts. That is worth a drive to K-mart and back.

(Please note: in the talk I get some names confused, I keep saying Rebekah instead of Rachael. Argh!! Please don’t be put off by my tongue-tied-ness. He has been working on my heart. Maybe next he’ll work on my public speaking.)

Press on this blue link to listen: A sense on the heart of Christ’s love


3 Responses to Growing in a heart-sense of His love

  1. Lyle Regan says:

    AH, to really feel Christs love for ME. How awesome that is, when I slow down, “be still and know that I am God”. When I ask not what God wants to do with me,. but rather, “God what are you doing in my sphere of influence that I can join you in,” that my friends is when my heart comes alive for Him. (Random thought) Lyle

  2. Bruce Bucholtz says:

    Dear Brother,
    Another tremendous insight! Never heard that passage explained in that way. Leah in the morning unless filled by the love of God; in which case Rachael in the morning! Wow! A great word picture. Never saw that passage to be all about Jesus; each character. Great truth-great lesson. Now for me to grasp God’s love in a deeper way so I will wake up Rachael each day. I think I will ask God to give me just tomorrow as Rachael and then take it one day at a time until I’m Rachael everyday.
    Bruce :~)

  3. David/Grace Dunham says:

    Dear Sam: Your mother send to us the video on Listening. Asking questions. How important. We will remember what we heard.

    Your father has been in heaven 15 years now. How time flies. We could not help remarking how much you look like your father. David said this is Bob! David said he could not believe you were the same boy who took the Grand River bus down to Cass Tech!

    God bless you in all you do. In Christ too, David and Grace Dunham

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