Legalism, Augustine, and the Ascension

I was born into a strong Christian family and I involved myself in several Christian movements throughout my life. Each of these movements saw legitimate problems with other churches and with other Christian groups–because obvious flaws flourished. So, each of these movements had things of value to say to other believers; yet each movement also had things of value to receive–again, because obvious flaws flourished.

How do we handle these observations and differences? Is it, perhaps, sometimes, better to receive than to give?

Listen to a painful event I experienced a couple years ago and the lessons He is still teaching me.

Video length: 5 minutes 1 second


3 Responses to Legalism, Augustine, and the Ascension

  1. rick hartsell says:

    “isn’t He somethin….isn’t He somethin”….i love the way u said that Sam. yes indeed, isn’t He somethin:)

  2. Jeff Andrechyn says:


    Thank-you so much for this beautiful reminder to spend more time loving, working, and encouraging the body of Christ rather than criticizing it. Paul says in Galatians; “You my brothers were called to be free, but do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature but rather serve one another in love.


  3. Jody says:

    Sam, your genuine approach to your beliefs are simply engaging. My personal gratitude for these video messages is warranted each time I watch. Always good to see and hear from you. I appreciate your candor.


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