Wounds and Hope and Glory

Will our wounds plague us forever? We have all had wounds and trials and setbacks, and the best we usually expect is to neutralize them or to simply see them healed. Scripture promises much more. God turns the world upside down such that those events of our lives which appear to have had the most destruction will eventually bring the most glory and hope.

Instead of merely wishing for a return to the pre-wound status quo, we have a hope that these very wounds and setbacks will lead to an inconceivable glory. Who—but God—could conceive of a plan in which the darkest nights will lead to the brightest days?

Video length: 3 minutes 3 seconds


5 Responses to Wounds and Hope and Glory

  1. Derek says:

    If our wounds disappear and return to the status quo, we lose the redemption story that we’ve experienced.

    • Great point. And if someone loves us when we are perfect, well that is nice. But, if someone loves us when we are far from perfect, and they know us the to the bottom, then that love is rich indeed.

  2. Jeff Andrechyn says:


    This is really well done and life giving. Not only am I encouraged but I have so many ideas after seeing this but first I need to go wash my car, thanks for the reminder.

    • snuggledown says:

      Thanks for the encouragement,Sam. A great weekend…I ‘m sure we couldn’t have done it without your team! Disregard the “snuggledown” log in….I’m at my son’s in NC and his wife makes sleep sacks as a small business. Not that I’m insecure in my manly manhood in any why!!!
      I’ve been encouraged in knowing what God has in store for us lately by listening to the “True faced” Grace series that Jeff loaned me…John Lynch nails it and reinforces so many of the truths and promises that are in Romans. Thanks again Brother! John I

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