How can we get glory and significance?

Everyone we know is looking for glory, significance and meaning. We are not just casually looking but desperately striving. We rarely admit it, and we seldom see it in ourselves. But we see others ruthlessly pursuing careers, or relentlessly struggling to be the best parents, or hungrily pulling out all the stops in their ministry. We are looking for glory. But whatever glory we find never lasts. And we’re off on the eternal treadmill, racing for more.

How can we get a glory, significance and splendor that endures?

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7 Responses to How can we get glory and significance?

  1. Mike McDade says:


    What a wonderful blog!! To think that Christ shares his glory with me is the highest of honors. I was riding to work today after reading “The Dream Giver” by Bruce Wilkinson. In the book, the character ordinary is asked to give up his dream, and I felt like God has been asking me the same thing for months. I have trusted my heart to him for so long, and now I realize the power He has to bestow Glory to me. His dreams for me are bigger than my own. His love for me humbles my heart; I felt it in my car today. Love you friend!

  2. Jeff Robinson says:

    Sam, great thoughts on glory and significance! The challenge to seek all this from God alone is key. Like Mike, I sense God calling me more and more to lay down my own life and take up His life; to give it all to Him in return for receiving all the glory He wants to bestow. Thanks for such a great blog, Sam. Blessings brother!

  3. John says:

    I just spent three intense days in training for work and came back to find two video blogs awaiting me. I have to say that, after reflecting on the videos, what I learned from them was infinitely more precious and important than what I learned in the three days of training!

    What I dearly love about your videos, Sam, is how they make me think and put things in perspective.

    God bless, and thank you,

  4. Mark Weaver says:

    right on Sam!!!

  5. Ron says:

    Thank you Sam…I just got a chance to view. I am sometimes driven by accomplishments and I always try to temper that with balance in my life. I am getting better at that, but I need to get better at being satisfied with the love of the Lord, so I am not so disappointed with the changing tides within each day because my foundation is strong with the Lord…Makes sense…easy to say…but always tougher when several situations call for my undivided attention. I’d love to have a conversation about this when we see each other again.


  6. Sam, such a great point. We are made to effect things, make an impact, make a difference, come through, live a life of consequence. And, the impact of hearing someone say that we have, has everything to do with who said it – does that person really know my motives?, did that person really see what I did?, is that person just “playing me”?. We, I, often forget to ask God, who sees my life, what He thinks about me and my life – and I need not be afraid of His words to me because He already assured me that He loves me greatly. Sam, thank you for this video-blog. I need this.


  7. Rick Hartsell says:

    why is that not enough for us/me? wow, He died for me.
    thanks for a wonderful new perspective.
    Lord of it all…loves me. man i do love it. Him.

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