God is after our hearts

What is God doing about all the junk that constantly crops up in our lives? Why doesn’t he just fix it!

(For David Guyor, who requested a story.)

Video length: 3 minutes 40 second


8 Responses to God is after our hearts

  1. Great story! Thanks for sharing. I am also sometimes humbled when god reminds me that I too act or think in the way that I encourage other people not to.

  2. Keep em coming Samuel. I love what u got from one of my fav verses..8:28….u always have an insightful and legitimate twist on bible and or life.

    • Hey Rick, it’s great to hear from you. Glad you like the twist on 8:28 – its not always what we want to hear, but I think its better, in the end.

      Let’s get together. What works for you?

  3. Debbie says:

    I need to be reminded that GOD is after our hearts, too, and not just visa versa. Sometimes I feel so desperate for my family members.

  4. Mark Maxam says:

    It was fun to hear you share about God’s love. So often we miss the point! God knows our hearts and that is why I spend so much time praying for others that they might know his love. Great job sharing his message…it’s fun to hear sound like your dad. We’ll have to get together sometime soon. I’m off for the summer on June 11th. Love to see you. Mark

  5. John says:

    Hi Sam,

    I tried to add a comment a week or so ago, but my computer must be possessed. So here goes gain!

    Adding the story was good. The saying, “Facts tell, stories sell” has a large amount of truth to it.

    One of my favorite priests growing up would try to relate the message from the readings to timely events to show us how the teachings were relevant. Much like you’ve done here!

    Looking forward to more of your insight…

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