How do we sustain an intimacy with Christ?

How can we sustain an intimacy with Christ? There are times when we sense the tangible presence of God, and there are times when we sense an arid desert. God can seem—at times—silent, hidden, absent and even impotent. How in the midst of these deserts can we maintain, sustain, and even increase our intimacy with Christ?

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3 Responses to How do we sustain an intimacy with Christ?

  1. John says:

    Hi Sam,

    Another great post that encourage reflection. Thanks! The times when we feel God’s presence are the times when it is easy for us to maintain our faith, but we often struggle in our beliefs when we seem to be on our own.

    When God seems absent and we are calling to Him without seeming to get an answer, I think it is a time when God is giving us room to grow.

    I’d compare it to weight lifting. God knows our spiritual strength, and what we are capable of handling without a “Spiritual Spotter”. He also knows when we are struggling on the brink of failure and we really, really need Him to grab the weight bar and help with that last repetition. By allowing us to get to the brink of failure, he allows us to experience spiritual growth. Thus, we grow in our faith and belief.

    And hey, where’re the horses?!


    • Hi John,

      The weightlifting metaphor is great! To me, I know (in my head) that weightlifting strengthens me, but after a heavy set of curls or bench presses, I say: hey, I’m more tired that I was…how can this do any good at all!

      you are the man!!


  2. Mike McDade says:

    Great message Sam. Ususally when God seems distant from me it usually means that I have not done what he has already instructed me to do, or He is really trying to teach me something that I am being hard headed about. Love your message; He is there even when we think He is not!

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