What does it mean to believe in God?

What does it mean to believe in God? Is it an intellectual assent or acknowledgment? Or is it something deeper, something more profound? Can a new understanding of belief change the way I live?

For more examples of believe ‘into’, look at: Believe Into.

Length: 2 minutes 53 seconds


13 Responses to What does it mean to believe in God?

  1. Sam, well done. Your differentiation between “believing in” and “believing into” was like smelling salts – bringing me to a higher level of consciousness about my walk with God. It’s critical that we notice our reaction to disappointment or adversity and ask our self “why”. Thank you. Gary

    • Gary, thanks for the kind words. In many ways, it way your Calling and Intensive weekends that crystallized this deeper understanding for me.

      When I believe in (and into) ME and my gifts, I am vulnerable to all the ups and downs of daily life. When I believe ‘into’ Christ, then I can have a glory in my life–from His calling–which reflects His glory. And the vulnerability is gone. His calling is rock solid, enduring, and won’t be taken away. So…thanks back at you!

  2. Mark Weaver says:

    Another great word, Sam! you put your finger a very familiar, old lie for me that God will come through…..for YOU maybe, but not really for me! Which touches that theme that, ya, I believe in God and His goodness for everyone else……but for me?? maybe……

    So you are bringing out the deeper truth, the BIGGER truth calling us up to live into heart-level trust in the goodness of God and His love for us. That’s the real truth to lay hold of!

    thank you Sam!


  3. Brian says:

    Hi Sam,
    I liked this one. You gave me a handle right from the start, “Into” and developed it well. I bet now when I hear the word “into” or even “in” your message will pop into my thoughts. The tight rope walker story really captured it. Some say “seeing is believing” but you really expressed the greater depth of what believing really means with “into” and taking action on that belief. Belief at its depth is expressed in action. It’s so easy to keep belief a mental exercise rather than expressed in action. Gotta hand it to Peter for getting out of the boat and walking “into” Jesus – that’s trust and action. Peter discovered he wasn’t stepping “into” the sea, he was stepping “onto” Jesus, who is rock solid. Charles Stanley says,”Obey God and leave all the consequences to Him”. It’s that first step that is the hardest. I bet if the doubter had been carried across Niagra Falls once successfully, he would be more willing to try it again. God help us to take those first steps in our walk with Him. Trust and action feed each other. When we take action and God is faithful, it builds trust, which feeds more action.
    Keep preaching Sam,
    PS: I hear Peak 8 at Breckenridge calling me. God’s creation is so amazing!

  4. Patrick says:

    Awesome. Loved the message – I like the distinction between believing “in”
    and believing “into”. It resonates with me – we talked on Saturday about how I feel like I trust in the Lord and I love Him, and still I fall short of total worship (face-down, prostrate on the ground) and complete turning over of control of all aspects of my life.

    And for those of us with ADD, we had the appearance of another animal! The dog comes right through 🙂

  5. John says:


    Growing up in Ann Arbor as a Catholic, one of my favorite Priests had the ability to dissect the words in His Word and delve into the meaning at a deeper level. I got the most out of these sermons, since they seemed to be able to bring life to the words in the Scriptures.

    You’ve done the same here. Bravo!

  6. Bruce says:

    Dear Sam,
    Another profound mini-message (mini in time only)!! I loved your word picture about the man who wouldn’t get on the tight-rope walker’s back. That really does mark our internal line between in and into. I’ll never read that passage the same way again. This is challenging me to examine what I believe into vs. believe in. Your messages are all the more powerful because, not only are they God-inspired, but they are boiled down to around 3 minutes; which means you are just putting forth meat and bone, no extras. It takes just a couple of minutes to view them but they last internally much longer and have a greater chance of becoming a real part of my life in Christ because of this boilng down process you go through in preparation for the videoing. Please keep sending them. I love seeing you as well as hearing you.
    In His Love,
    Bruce :~)

  7. Debbie Tiews says:

    I think I may be echoing everyone else,but When I stop to think on your question, Sam, I could tell you it means I have staked my whole life in God: much like the Jeddi knights and the force.

  8. MW says:

    Sam, the video blog is impressive. You are very effective on camera. I like what you said, too. The problem is that doctrine usually implies a fundamental belief that must be taught and reasoned, while post-modern Christians root their faith on intuitive and relational things. God can sometimes be outside of the reason box–and in fact sometimes breaks all the rules when he calls someone–but most of life works within it.

  9. Cpl. Punishment says:

    Great post Sam! I needed to hear this today.

  10. I have to say that I love this blog. I felt compelled to drop a comment and say what a great job you’ve done. I wish more people would put so much energy into their site. Keep the posts coming.

  11. Gracy says:

    One question is… How do I lean into God and Jesus?

    • Hi Gracy,

      What have you tried to do in leaning into him?

      Here is what I’d try. I’d try to see how you can get a personal identification from him. This is easier said than done, but almost nothing can be more important.

      We normally get our identity from what others say or what we think, like, “I’m dumb” or “I don’t work hard enough” or “I’m a really good girl [or boy].”

      Instead, if we could just get this personal identification: “I’ve rebelled against God such that it took the death of the son of God to heal me … but he went to that death joyfully because he loves me that much … he’d do it again (though once was good enough for all time) because he loves me that much.”

      If we had that identity deep in our hearts, we’d be leaning on him.

      How does that work for you?

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