The Problem with Doctrine

What is the problem with doctrine? I know many people strongly in favor of doctrine, and I know just as many people strongly opposed What is the problem with doctrine? And what is doctrine?

Length: 2 minutes 40 seconds
For a great sermon series on Doctrine, look at Tim Keller’s series on Who’s Afraid of Doctrine


8 Responses to The Problem with Doctrine

  1. Debbie Tiews says:

    Well said Sam! Almost scary to to stop and think how much it infuses how we live. ‘course for the unfathomable questions, check out Duet. 29:29

    • Great word Debbie, I’d forgotten that passage: Deut. 29.29 – The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.

  2. Anthony says:


    Excellent word, brother! Hmmm….I wonder which side of the doctrinal fence you think I’m on.

    Keep it coming!


  3. Jeff Andrechyn says:

    Thank-you Sam.

    Belief is the currency in the Kingdom. What you believe about God and what you believe about yourself is everything on this journey. You have encouraged me to take a close look at what those beliefs are – maybe I’ll write them out. That might be healthy.

    Thank-you brother.

    Much love from Kazakhstan – you would love the people here.


  4. Mike McDade says:

    Great Blog Sam! It amazes me when people don’t take ownership of their beliefs. I think I am going to sit down and wrestle with my own beliefs today and write those down. You know I am a love and grace man, so this should be interesting. Love you brother!

  5. Mark Weaver says:

    Love it Sam!! You are dead on with your assessment of the polarity between the “don’t need no stinkin’ doctrine” and “doctrine deist” tribes.

    Love must be central….for both camps!!

    I’ve been a part of the doctine-is-everything camp for most of my life, but in the last 10 years or so, I’ve swung more to the your/my doctrine is interesting, but not essential camp.

    In doing spiritual direction for folk from time to time, I sure hear a vast range of thought about this subject and a person’s belief structures. As I walk with people, WITH them, I have to be careful not to overlay and press down my ideas and thoughts about doctrine as a template for their life. It’s more of a posture, constantly, of asking where are they in their Journey with you, Father……and where/what/who are you leading them into.

    Ahhhh……seeing people, listening to people……and to the Father about them……..instead of ramping up to “straighten them out” or “educate them” or “give the latest hip spiritual thoughts”…….been there, done all that……pass.



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