A Rich Strong Enduring Identity

How can we get an identity that is rich and strong, and endures through storms and darkness?
(For all you horse lovers, sorry about the absence of rolling horses!)

Length: 2 minutes 40 seconds


7 Responses to A Rich Strong Enduring Identity

  1. David Guyor says:

    Sam, very, very good to hear your words today. It seems Jesus had a truer, more real, identity for Peter even when he first met Peter, and so it’s beautiful to see Jesus years later still pursuing Peter’s heart to settle him in good ways and release him to love. Your words were timely in my own life this week.

    • David, I’m glad that struck you too. I forgot to mention it. The first time Peter catches all the fish, Jesus says I will make you a fisher of men.

      But I think the name Jesus gives the second time is deeper, a shepherd (the name Jesus himself has). Peter is to feed and care for the lambs and the sheep, the immature and the mature. Jesus is essentially entrusting his own to Peter.

      Love you man

  2. Jeff Andrechyn says:

    Hi Sam

    Next time you feel bad about your blog stats, call me and I’ll tell you my blog stats. That ought to make you feel a lot better.

    I love what you said about Jesus doing “Loving surgery,” and then releases Peter into his mission to feed the sheep. If Jesus did not do that surgery then Peter would doubt or not be as effective.

    That’s the tension we live in, when Jesus cuts (surgery) its always for the good but it is painful when it happens.

    Just for the record – I too am a fan of the “rolling horse.” That was awesome to watch. That horse is beautiful.

    Much love


    • I like your comment “that’s the tension we live in…its always for the good but it is painful when it happens.” Yes and yes.

      I couldn’t have planned the rolling horse any better if I’d tried. I’ve had more laughs at that (including me, I laughed the first time I saw it, and I decided I’ve GOT to include the roll).

      • Debbie Tiews says:

        I am encouraged,( as should we all) to here again that my identity comes from God. Reflecting back, that would explain a lot of the floundering and troubled spirit of my growing-up years.
        Thanx Sam

  3. Hah! It explains the floundering and troubled spirit of my OLD years too. Thanks for the comment.

  4. John says:

    Hi Sam,

    Thanks for sharing the link to your site. I’m enjoying your insight as you share your growth in Jesus and lead us in our own growth in Him.


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