Willing Spirit: How does God view us?

How does God think of us? As hopeless hypocrites or as those he loves, those with a Willing Spirit?

Length: 3 minutes 27 seconds


17 Responses to Willing Spirit: How does God view us?

  1. Hawkeye says:

    Way to go Sam! I liked it a lot, you are a natural and it is so cool to see you take another step toward living out of your glory.

  2. This whole thing is really good, but you arrested me with the statement, “When Jesus asks a question it’s not that he is missing information…He knew that Peter loved Him…He wanted Peter to realize this despites Peter’s actions.” Thank you Sam.

  3. Sam – you are one good looking guy. You communicated the heart of the Father with the dump truck coming in (and backing up!), gale force winds, and your dog in the background!


    God does not look upon the external things, or our wounds, or tragedies, but rather sees whats true and valiant about us and loves it. If Jesus loves it all then we need to be OK with ourselves too, then we can offer our glory, like you did in this video.

    Much love


    PS Don’t hang any flags outside today you might lose it.

  4. David Guyor says:


    Just listened, and it was real good. Jesus seeing us from the end and what we will be is beautiful. Like a great Dad who has a strong, sincere, life-giving vision of his Son years from now, and then delights in that and also delights in him, right now, at the place he’s on in his journey. Gives my heart some room to stretch and relax. Gives me some fun and life giving perspective on my own kids, too!

    • David, it helps me also to understand that he sees us from the endpoint. He sees what I can be and what I will be, while I’m still living out of my faulty perception of when I am. Thanks for the comments.

  5. Rocco says:

    Awesome Sam!

    Thanks for sending me a link to this, looking forward to all you have to offer!


  6. Andy says:

    Hi Sam,

    Hey, your blog was very neat: short, direct, insightful, an exposure of our weakness, and a big Scriptural encouragement from Jesus. I never thought of the verses you commented on in the way that you did, but I like very much what you did with them. To be honest, I’ve thought of Jesus rubbing it in (shaming Peter) with his thrice-repeated question; but you’re right, he was reassuring him that he understood Peter’s love for him as well as his weakness. And I liked the brief Gideon comment, that God saw Gideon as he would be (mighty warrior) and not just as he felt at that moment (least amongst all).

    Keep going!


  7. I am also enjoying the “chew” of cogitating on the fact that He already knows my heart…even when it is not so wonderful. Kinda like in the Garden when He says to Adam..”Where are you?” as if He didn’t know.

    Sooo helpful today. Thank you Sam. Look forwar to more 🙂

  8. Debbie Tiews says:

    The frightening thing of it is, that I hold myself(or think I do) so close to the vest,and yet He knows. Might as well let Him in anyway!!

  9. CPL. Punishment says:

    This is awesome Sam, keep em comin bro. I look forward to new installments.

  10. Mark Weaver says:


    smiling at you…….and I know Papa is smiling over you too as you relay to so many of us His heart for us!


    hey, and check out this quote by Anthony De Mello: “Behold God………..beholding you…………………..and smiling.”

    yeah buddy….


  11. Nancy Hutchinson says:


    I’m not only smiling at you, I have tears in my eyes as I think how faithful God is to all of us. You are an encouragement and keep stepping out in faith. Praise be to God, Nancy

  12. Rob Guy says:

    Hi brodie , Good Stuff
    But, All I really want to know is how do I get one of these toys…?
    I want to play…..

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